Friday, February 16, 2007

PREMIO LO NUESTRO 2007 and Yalil Guerra

Press Release.
Burbank, CA. USA.

For a second consecutive year, we are proud to
announce that the music theme of “Premio Lo Nuestro a
La Música Latina”, has been produced, co-composed,
recorded, mixed and mastered at RYCY Productions, Inc.

“Premio Lo Nuestro” is one of the most important award
shows of the Latin music industry in the US, and is
produced by Univision Television. Composer Yalil
Guerra, created a Spanish influenced music theme,
combined with exotic Latin rhythms.

“To work on this project gave me the chance to compose
Spanish influenced music after living in Spain for
several years. The theme consists of various Rumba and
traditional Spanish music elements, as well other
Latin elements.” quotes Mr. Guerra, composer and

The “Premio Lo Nuestro a La Música Latina” awards
ceremony will be broadcasted on February 22nd from 8
PM to 11 PM (Eastern and Pacific time). Tune in on
Univision Television and enjoy this great show!!

RYCY Productions, Inc.
Media Department