Friday, September 14, 2007

TIN-VA project

Press Release.
Burbank, CA. USA.

Composer and Producer Yalil Guerra is now producing and arranging two songs for the upcoming workout DVD/CD called ‘Tinva”. This great project incorporates a DVD and a CD with all the music.

About Tin-va:

La Tin-va is a new expression of Latin rhythm and dance!  Johnny V., a professional dancer and fitness instructor, has developed a revolutionary style of enjoying up-beat, energetic and inspirational Latin music with a fun, exciting and freestyle cardio dance workout.  The worldwide release of his first instructional DVD will be coming in Winter 2007.   Have fun, feel great, lose weight and dance the stress away!
Executive Producer is Ann Alliegro, enthusiastic and entrepreneur business woman and president of Tin-va LLC.

Juliana Muñoz composed a few songs and shares the creation of two titles with Yalil Guerra. The song styles are Cha cha cha, the arrangements are mixed with pop, aggressive percussion and a refreshing brass section arrangements. One song is in English, performed by Juliana itself, while the other tune is performed by Juan Pablo Castillo, a young singer with a lot of talent, and voice too, son of Ileana Rodriguez (LA based Costa Rican singer).

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