Monday, August 13, 2007


Press Release.
Burbank, CA. USA.

Mexican born composer and business woman Mari Escamilla, ordered the production of the song “Tú me enseñastes” to the producer and composer Yalil Guerra. 

“Tú me enseñastes” is a romantic song that have been arranged to an old fashion Son Montuno style. The instrumentation is Cuban Tres, two Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass, Choirs and Lead vocal (performed by Yalil Guerra) and Congas, Timbales, Bongó, Güiro, Maracas, performed by Joey de León Jr.
“Mari is a great composer with a big heart and artistic sensitibility; working with her is a great experience”, quoted Yalil Guerra, CEO of RYCY Productions, Inc.. 

Mari have written more than 3000 songs and her catalog is growing. Known artist from the Latin community sing her songs. “Tú me enseñaste will be available for download in iTunes very soon.
RYCY Productions, Inc.
Media Department

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