Friday, August 10, 2007

MOJAVE MA-200 microphone review

Mojave Ma-200
Press Release.
Burbank, CA. USA.

Mojave Audio is a company founded by David Royer, known for his famous Ribbon microphones. After building custom mics for studios and engineers he debuts with this great state of the art microphone.

The interior have a military grade JAN 5840 vacuum tube, hand selected 3 micron capsules and Jensen audio transformers, offering the sound of the best tube mic for less than a $1,000, a great deal!

They borrow us one for testing and I’m impressed since the first day of use. “I’m accustom to the Neumann U-87 sound and after using this, I noticed a richness in the high frequency harmonics without the addition of artifacts very usual in todays condenser mics, and a very clear low frequency response too”, quoted Yalil Guerra, Producer and composer, RYCY Productions, Inc.

Recording vocals, trumpets, trombone, and overheads for a Timbal session, in all this combinations delivered a great quality and smoothness sound. Check the album “Chango EP and El ParalĂ­tico in iTunes and listen to the sound of the Mojave Audio MA 200 microphone.

Give this mic the change, is worth it!, said Yalil Guerra. Visit and check also the small capsule condenser mic MA 100.

RYCY Productions, Inc.
Media Department

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