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Yalil Guerra releases a new Chamber Music album.

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Burbank, CA. May 9th, 2014.

RYCY Productions presents the newest chamber music album by Latin Grammy winning composer Yalil Guerra, entitled “Estrenos en Concierto” (“Premieres in Concert”). This collection features the world and regional premieres of his most recent compositions, recorded live in concert by internationally acclaimed artists and ensembles.
The album opens with the world premiere of Guerra’s String Quartet No.2, dedicated to and masterfully performed by “La Catrina” String Quartet, in residence at the State University of New Mexico, USA. The premiere took place at Shepherd University, Los Angeles, California, during the “Latin American Classical Music Concert” on.

Cuban pianist and Italian resident, Marcos Madrigal, plays a heartfelt version of “Seducción” (Latin Grammy winner in the Best Classical Contemporary Composition. Elizabeth Rebozo—Live in LA). The European premiere was given at the VII International Festival in Trieste, Italy, on February 22nd, 2014. It was recorded by Riccardo Radivo DueErre, Multimedia Productions.

"Ab Imo Pectore" (Latin for “From the Bottom of My Heart”) is the next cut on the album, performed by the famous group B3:Brouwer Trio, at its premiere at the concert "Serenates 2011," in the city of Valencia, Spain. This work was dedicated to the trio and recorded on the album "The Beautiful Cuban Women," released by RYCY Productions in 2011. The Brouwer Trio gave the world premiere of the piece at the Festival of Contemporary Music Nous Sons 10 in Barcelona, and performed it in various cities in Spain.

"Toccata" for piano was dedicated to the Cuban pianist living in Costa Rica, Leonardo Gell, who gave its world premiere with an outpouring of virtuosity and musicality at in Ignacio Cervantes concert hall in Havana, Cuba, on February 9th, 2014.

The Havana String Quartet, 2010 Latin Grammy Award winners, gave the North American premiere of Guerra’s String Quartet No.1, "A Mil Guerras Solo," dedicated to this group. The concert took place at the Tenri Institute, New York, on October 2nd, 2011, during their concert tour of the United States.

"Echale Salsita" is the opening movement of Tres Piezas Cubanas, a triptych dedicated to the talented Cuban pianist and Burbank, California resident Elizabeth Rebozo, who has recorded many of Guerra's compositions for piano.  The world premiere of "Echale Salsita" (featured on this recording) took place as part of Guerra's "30th Anniversary Career Concert" on April 27th, 2013 in Glendale, California.

Estrenos en Concierto captures the world premiere of "Amor", another composition featured on Guerra's "30th Anniversary Career Concert" on April 27th, 2013.  This charming song, set to the composer's own text, is sung by soprano Amanda Squitieri, who created the starring role of Beatrice in the opera Il Postino by composer Daniel Catán (1949-2011).  Ms. Squitieri is joined by the talented classical and jazz pianist Bryan Pezzone for this performance; these two talented artists have collaborated with the composer on several previous albums.
Ensemble Solistas de la Havana, one of the leading chamber orchestras not only of Cuba, but of North America, was founded by its principal conductor and bassist, Maestro Ivan Valiente. The group has demonstrated a very high level of performance, professionalism and dedication to serious art music. They gave the world premieres of Guerra’s "Old Havana" and "Terra Ignota," both dedicated to the group. This recording includes the world premiere of the latter work from the XXVI International Festival of Contemporary Music in Havana, Cuba on November 28th, 2013.

The primary goal of “Estrenos en Conciertos” is to share some of the magical and historically significant recordings of Yalil Guerra’s  most recent compositions, as captured in real time by a variety of talented musicians. Listeners can feel the emotion and passion expressed by the players in each of this live  releases; the performances reflects the different acoustical properties and recording circumstances   of the various concert venues, and the recording accurately capture the musical nuances chosen to by highlighted  by individual groups and soloist. 

Carefully selecting melodies and pungent chords that evoke the atmosphere of his native Cuba, this young composer weaves these elements together to form complex contrapuntal sounds that vibrate with exciting musical colors through the concert hall. Brought to life through the talents of his highly skilled performers, Yalil Guerra's many compositions illustrate a variety of elements that, taken together, all contribute to his [a] unique compositional voice. 

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